Ways to Save Animals

There are so many ways you can help animals. From the way you eat to the decisions you make purchasing consumer products, you have the choice to save animals every day. Here are just a few simple ways you can make changes for the better.

1) DIET. Every year, millions of animals die in abusive and overcrowded factory farms that pollute streams and pose human health risks such as cancer and heart disease. You can save animals, the environment, and possibly your own life by transitioning toward a “green”, plant-based diet. Tasty, high-protein imitation meats such as veggie burgers, veggie-sausage and veggie-chicken can be found in the frozen food section of most grocery stores.

2) SPAY-NEUTER. The failure to spay or neuter dogs and cats and overbreeding results in millions of puppies and kittens being abandoned, homeless and euthanized at shelters every year. Please encourage your community to pass spay-neuter laws and breeding restrictions.

3) ENTERTAINMENT: Elephants, deer, horses, and other animals are hurt, chained, dragged, or overworked in circuses, zoos, rodeos, and hunting events. Please support entertainment that does not exploit animals such as rescue sanctuary zoos and non-animal circuses.

4) CONSUMER PRODUCTS: Look for animal-friendly products at grocery and retail stores. You can buy cosmetics, lotions, hair products, and medicines that are not tested on animals and contain no animal ingredients. And non-leather shoes and belts are available at many department and shoe stores. Please avoid fur products, too.